Teaching portrait photographers how to better serve their clients through selling artwork in a way that works with their lifestyle.

Is it time that you enjoy your business again?

It's time to work with clients you love and who value what you do, without giving up all your personal time. I'll show you how to consistently sell high-end, profitable artwork virtually, so you can balance the lifestyle you want with a profitable business.

Make More Money without sacrificing your time

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WELCOME TO Virtual IPS for Photographers

READY to find more joy in your photography business?

If you're wanting to have clients spend more than you ever thought you could charge for a family photography session, without feeling like you're using icky sales tactics or spending your life in sales meetings, you might be in the right place!
My clients went from spending $500 to $2500 per session without pressure selling and without spending all my time away from home. Let me teach you how.

I invested over $15,000 and three years learning how to sell artwork without feeling like a salesperson, and without spending my life away form home, in a way that worked for me and my lifestyle, and now I'm sharing it with you.

I've been where you are...

You don't think IPS works for you

You don't have a studio, or hours to spend in sales sessions and don't think you can make IPS work with your lifestyle.

Your business isn't profitable

You're working endless hours and fitting in more clients to make enough to provide for your family.

You are profitably selling artwork to your clients 

But you're spending all your time in client meetings and have no time for the important things

You're feeling burnt out

You are constantly seeking the right clients, and enough of them, but are exhausted from working so much.

that one might currently be facing in their BUSINESS


1. perhaps list some frustrations

You want these to be very telling of where this person might be at emotionally and where you once were.

2. Another specific pain point here

and you want it to be very telling of where this person might be at emotionally and where you once were.

3. Maybe they're feeling this way

frustrated by this particular situation and overwhelmed? 

4. engagement session

This comes with a delivery of our style guide and wedding magazine to help you plan and prep for things as best you possibly can!

I've been on the struggle bus with photography since we moved at the end of 2020. I've invested so much in education over the last three years and this finally feels like a win!

— Alysha, Alpha Student who made $1900 on her first sale.

i used to be where you are.

I struggled to make ends meet and discovered I was making less per hour than I would at Starbucks. Then I learned that if I wanted my clients to spend more and purchase artwork, I'd have to show them why they should.
I invested a year of my life and thousands of dollar being taught IPS from an amazing coach. It transformed my business, but I found it putting pressure on my time and lifestyle. After years of trial and error, I've found a way to balance making the business profitable and enjoyable, while keeping my priorities the priority.

The Virtual IPS

Increase your income per client, so you can take on fewer, more ideal clients and wow them with the amazing service you offer. Learn to sell wall art in a way that will bring tears of joy to your clients eyes and leave them grateful. But do it in a way that fits with your lifestyle and leaves time for the most important things in your life.



What You'll Get

feature one

1:1 Coaching Call

The program includes a 1:1 coaching call to get you unstuck at any point. Whether you're new to IPS, or you're switching from traditional IPS to Virtual, this coaching call is tailored to where your business is so we can see you grow and meet your goals.

feature two

3 Month Facebook Group Access

You'll get access to the Student Facebook Group for 3 months, so you can connect with other students, ask questions as they come up and gain personalized advice.

feature three

Weekly Group Coaching

Each week we'll meet for a group coaching call to give you the opportunity to ask all your questions, as well as hold yourself accountable to doing the work!

feature four

The coursework

The self-paced course comes with lifetime access, so you get all updates and added content while the course exists. The course acts as a roadmap to how to sell artwork virtually through an A-Z roadmap of my system that results in $2500+ sales from my living room.

I'll troubleshoot with you the pain points that come up, walk you through how I make the same amount doing IPS completely virtually as I did in-person, and walk you through other options for making the same amount of money, but keeping your personal time personal.

feature five

make it work for you

How does this sound?

the results you're going to get:

increase your income

work with dream clients

sell artwork with each session

gain your time back

make your money back in one session

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Written content

The vast majority of the lessons are text based, so you can go at your own pace, returning to lessons as many times as you need.

Group Coaching

Weekly group coaching calls give you a chance to get personalized help on the specifics of your business

Coaching Calls

Group coaching calls allow you to receive personal assistance and get your questions answered.

how it works

Danielle is having one of the best years of her business, in a recession:

"This course was the best investment I made this year, especially because it already paid for itself.
Everything I’ve learned from Kelly is helping me to have one of the best years of my career- even with the economy the way it is."


Alysha paid for her course in one session:

"The course paid for itself after my first sale!
 I love the fact that even though I’m not booking as much as I’d hoped, when I do get a booking the sale is well worth it."


Make your money back with as little as one client

So let's get  started

select the plan that works for you:

Split Pay

Immediate course access

Access to student group

1:1 calls

2 payments of $625+tax CAD


Lifetime access to the course

Additional month in the group coaching program

Fill-in-the-blank inquiry phone call script

Sales Session Blueprint

1 payment of $1250+tax CAD

6 Month Plan

Immediate course access

Access to student group

1:1 calls

6 payments of $210+tax CAD

12 Month Plan

Immediate course access

Access to student group

1:1 calls

12 payments of $110+tax CAD

35%+ off the course, plus additional 1-on-1 help

If that's not enough...

Grab your seat today and get additional 1-on-1 coaching calls, and an introductory price!

Sign up for my Beta launch and receive 2 additional one-on-one calls to ask all your questions, and get over 35% off the course price! 
But hurry, there's only 15 spots available for these amazing bonuses!


This is your day. This is the time to go after it all.


By the end of this course, you will...

Be booking your ideal clients and creating stunning art for them to enjoy for years to come.

Increasing your average income per client by $1000+

Have a clear actionable plan in place for scaling your business and taking things to the next level. 

Know how to trouble shoot the pain points in order to find balance in your life.


hey there!


your guide to loving your business again.

I'm a photographer and mom of three kids, averaging over $2500 per clients so that I can work less and keep my family first, while still leaving my clients thrilled.

But it wasn't always this way. 

I started my business 6 years ago, with no knowledge of how to price or market myself, or how to provide a unique experience. I struggled to get clients at $175 per session. I quickly figured out that this income could never provide for my family, no matter how many clients I could book.

After 3 years of honing in my work, playing with prices to find profitability, working on marketing, learning from the best and still constantly losing sleep over whether I could make ends meet, or being away from my family, I jumped into IPS.

As soon as I made the switch, I went from making $500 per client, to a $2500 sale for my first lifestyle newborn session. In my first year of IPS, my income doubled. The second year, it almost tripled. I now take an average of one client per week and am able to keep the most important thing - my family - first in my life, while still providing for them.

This course is the only

It's designed to help you find the right fit for your life.

When I started IPS, I struggled with how much time each client took, and I worked through things, trying different models to find a way to still serve my clients and earn what I needed to while feeling like my time was still mine. I learned how to set boundaries and how to do my IPS process virtually, while increasing my average sale. 

This course is designed to teach you the framework so you can implement IPS, the way most photographers to, but also to help you work through any pain points, so that you can still sell gorgeous artwork, serve your clients well and earn a sustainable income in a way that works with your lifestyle.

Get personalized help

Great for all learning styles

Grow your support network

Follow a proven roadmap

If you want this to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

Earning what you deserve

Stop constantly chasing more clients

Attracting your dream clients and seeing them enjoy their images every day

Creating and sustaining processes and systems for added efficiency and profitability. 

Feeling more balanced, and rested, and in alignment with what you're wanting to create for your life.


This is for you if:

You're ready to start earning more while working less

You are a photographer

You want to make the business work with your lifestyle.

You don't want to spend much time with your clients


It's probably not for you if...



Let's Do This Thing!

Still on
the fence?

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one! That's why I've priced my course so that you can realistically make back what you spent on your first sale after implementing what I teach.

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