Take the mystery out of how to price your products strategically, so every session makes you a profit.

How to price your products for profit

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Stop shooting for free and fill your slow season with on-brand images from profitable model calls


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My biggest struggle has been pricing, not knowing what to charge and not feeling confident in what I'm charging and offering. It was almost like I needed you to say "hey charge this and do this".

- Alysha


Feel confident with each inquiry call. Make connections, show value and qualify your clients.

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Hey There!

I'm Kelly, Lifestyle Family photographer and mom to three crazy kids.

I started my business so I could be home with my kids while they were young, and quickly realized that this wasn't the case. And when I was home, I was often distracted.

This is when I switched to Virtual IPS, so I could put my kids to bed at night and hop on zoom with my busy clients, and help them order $2500+ worth of art from my bedroom.