Feeling Lost on How to Price Your Artwork?

I'm here to help

Learn to strategically price your products so that you always make a great profit and consistently sell your desired minimum. This Mini Course takes the guess work out of how to price your artwork so that you make great sales!

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Are you feeling completely overwhelmed by choosing and pricing your products?

Are your Costs of Good eating into your profits?

If you're...

Stalling on launching your IPS business because you have no clue how to price yourself

Charging more than ever before but still not earning much

Consistently having small sales that leave you disappointed

Entirely unsure what to offer

great news... it doesn't have to be this hard.

 How to Price your Products for Profit Mini-Course


10 Text-based lessons

Downloadable COBD and COGS calculator

takes the mystery out of different pricing models

Guidance on which products to sell for your niche

Access to my recommended print shops and pricing menu that averages $2.5K sales 



clear up my pricing

How Does It Help?

give confidence in pricing

never wonder where the money went

no more disappointing sales

This course will clear up the mystery behind how to price your products, so that you can feel confident that your prices are profitable and fair.

Set up your pricing so that you know that each product is earning you profit, even if you have to replace it.

Strategically set pricing so your clients always spend the minimum you need to make your goal income, without any sneaky or pressure sales on your part.

My biggest struggle has been pricing, not knowing what to charge and not feeling confident in what I'm charging and offering. It was almost like I needed you to say "hey charge this and do this".

- Alysha

Hey There!

I'm Kelly, Lifestyle Family photographer and mom to three crazy kids.

I started my business so I could be home with my kids while they were young, and quickly realized that this wasn't the case. And when I was home, I was often distracted.

This is when I switched to Virtual IPS, so I could put my kids to bed at night and hop on zoom with my busy clients, and help them order $2500+ worth of art from my bedroom.

And now I want to help you clearly and confidently price your products so every session is profitable.

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