Feeling lost on how to run a sales session?

i have the solution

Follow my step-by-step blueprint for how to run a sales session that both serves clients and results in high sales! Walk them through a journey that allows them to fall in love with their images, while also making narrowing them down simple and stress-free.

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Are you unsure how to lead a client through a sales session?

Do you often feel like you're awkwardly waiting for them to choose images while you wait?

Do you feel like your sales could be bigger if you just had a proven outline to follow?

What if you could...

Feel composed going into each and every sales session

Walk your clients through an amazing selection experience

Help them feel confident in their choices

Sell more artwork with each client

Leave your clients feeling, thrilled, excited and grateful

great news... you can.

The Sales Session Blueprint


Step -by-Step how to run a sales session

My exact steps i follow to make profitable sales and sell more images

How to handle objections that come up


Grab your blueprint

How Does It Help?

Feel confident in your sales sessions

sell more images per client

Serve your clients better

Have a proven step-by-step process for assisting your clients in narrowing down their images and choosing their artwork.

Learn to walk your clients through a process that promotes emotional attachment to their images, resulting in more images that are unable to be left behind.

Make the process simple for them, so they are confident with their decisions and excited about the results.

Hey There!

I'm Kelly, Lifestyle Family photographer and mom to three crazy kids.

I started my business so I could be home with my kids while they were young, and quickly realized that this wasn't the case. And when I was home, I was often distracted.

This is when I switched to Virtual IPS, so I could put my kids to bed at night and hop on zoom with my busy clients, and help them order $2500+ worth of art from my bedroom.

And now I'm sharing my Sales Session Blueprint to help you feel confident selling to your clients, and make larger sales. 

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