Struggling to Book Clients at your Luxury Prices?

i have the solution

Make genuine connections with your clients, show the value of what you offer and qualify clients with my tried and tested Initial Inquiry Phone Call script, complete with genre specific swipe files of great questions to ask to create a bond with your clients for Family, Newborn, Maternity, Couple, Boudoir, Senior and Pet Photographers.

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Are you getting tired of hearing leads say "no"?

Do you know you should get on the phone with your leads but have no clue what to say?

Are you booking unqualified leads and ending up with confused clients or low sales?

What if you could...

Feel composed going into each and every phone call

Make connections with all your leads

Confidently communicate the value of what you offer

Feel at ease telling leads your prices

Qualify leads before booking

Educate your leads so they are excited to invest with you!

great news... you can.

 Book with Confidence
Initial Inquiry Phone call Script


Fill-in the blank PDF

My exact script I use to book luxury clients

Lists of questions to promote connection and understanding

additional pages of questions to ask for different photography genres, including: Family, Maternity/Newborn, senoir, boudoir, couples and pets


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How Does It Help?

Takes the fear out of phone calls

easily book clients by showing value

no more disappointing sales

With this script proven to help connect with leads, understand their needs, and clearly communicate your process, you no longer need to worry about stumbling over words or being unsure what to say when you connect on the phone.

This script shows exactly how what you offer is different then other photographers and how it makes your clients experience more enjoyable and stress-free. It shows the level of service you provide is luxury, helping your inquiries to see and understand your value.

Clearly educate your clients on the process and what they can expect throughout so they are prepared and happy to spend your minimums!

Hey There!

I'm Kelly, Lifestyle Family photographer and mom to three crazy kids.

I started my business so I could be home with my kids while they were young, and quickly realized that this wasn't the case. And when I was home, I was often distracted.

This is when I switched to Virtual IPS, so I could put my kids to bed at night and hop on zoom with my busy clients, and help them order $2500+ worth of art from my bedroom.

And now I'm sharing my booking script I use to book amazing, profitable clients right over the phone. 

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